People who want to know if they have Jewish Ancestry often approach us. The Jewish DNA Fingerprint Test allows us to test your inherited DNA for Jewish and non-Jewish markers and also lets us establish which countries and ethnic groups your ancestors may have come from. As well as being able to provide your Jewish population information, this test can also identify the presence of Native American, African, and Asian ancestry via the ethnic panel test.

You will receive a comprehensive report with your top genetic matches from a range of European countries. Sephardic? Ashkenazic? A combination? Scottish? Russian? French? Moroccan? This test will identify your Jewish lines, along with any admixture, such as American Indian, African, and Asian.

Jewish DNA Fingerprint Plus Test Highlights:

Quick Results
Highly accurate results in 3-4 weeks after receiving sample

Low Cost
Our highly accurate tests are inexpensive

Painless Collection
Buccal swabbing is used to collect the DNA sample

All results are private and confidential

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