DNA Test is a South African company specializing in relationship and forensic DNA Testing.

DNA Test is the first company on the African continent to market and promote the DNA Paternity Test Collection kit at pharmacies, released in, July 2009. Kits available at Dischem and Sparkport Pharmacies nationwide.

DNA Test continues our assurance to excellence in DNA testing, and goes beyond laboratory processes and research. Our commitment is to employ the moral and ethical use of DNA for the greater good of mankind.

Our vision is to be the leading DNA laboratory and research facility on the African continent.

Letter from Managing Director Nevin Pillay

An old Tamil saying, “kind words conquer” is probably what defines the ethos of DNA Test. On a daily basis we interact with clients seeking answers. Not always are we able to disclose answers clients would like to hear. However hopefully we are able, with kind words give clients the direction they so need.

I started DNA Test with a vision, an intention of resolving the considerable crime situation facing many South Africans.  Criminal acts being committed, and criminals literally walking a way from conviction due to the lack of evidence. DNA Forensics is dramatically highlighted on television with programmes like the CSI series. My puerile thoughts most certainly family entrepreneurial spirit, made believe, DNA testing venture could be effortlessly replicated in the real world as to what we see on TV.

Let it be known it was not the case. South African legislation does not allow for the outsourcing of DNA forensic work and TV is far from reality.

Perseverance a trait I’m not always fond of, directed me to DNA Solutions. DNA Solutions an Australian based DNA testing and research organisation founded by Vern Muir, has offices through out the world and the first company to launch the home collection paternity test kit. DNA Solutions understanding the challenges of fledging company have given DNA Test unconditional technical and administrative support for which I will be eternally grateful. This cross continent relationship will see DNA Test partner with DNA Solutions with in opening a DNA testing, research and training facility in South Africa.

My vision is for DNA Test to be the leading commercial DNA testing, research and training facility on the African continent. My commitment to our clients is an expert, superior and individual assistance in the services we provide.
My attention to clients is unreserved, and I encourage clients to contact me.

Kindest words,
Nevin Pillay

Whatsapp us on 0794404570

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